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Resenha do livro The Secret Legacy of Biblical Women

Title: The Secret Legacy of Biblical Women “Revealing the Divine Feminine”
Author: Melinda Ribner
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Published by:
Melinda Ribner
Manufactured: USA
Language: English
Binding: Soft
274 pages
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Melinda Ribner is the founder and director of "Kabbalah of the Heart" and Beit Miriam. A leading international pioneer in the field of Jewish meditation, she has taught Jewish meditation, meditative Kabbalah, healing and spiritual transformation workshops for over 30 years at synagogues of all affiliation from Chabad, orthodox, conservative, reform and Jewish renewal to new age centers such as Kripalu, Open Center and Elat Chayyim to Jewish national conferences such as CAJE, Limmud London, and the Jewish renewal "Kallah". She is the author of four books on Jewish spirituality, meditation, healing and personal transformation three of them, Everyday Kabbalah, New Age Judaism, and Kabbalah Month by Month.

Autora: Melinda Ribner

In The Secret Legacy of Biblical Women, author’s intention is the focus on Matriarchs of the Bible, revealing the story each one into a broader view using the Midrash, Rabbinic commentaries and still Kabbalistic insights. The holy stories mentioned are from: Eve, Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel, Leah, Bilha, Zilpa, Dina, Miriam, Batya, Chana and Esther. 

One will be learning practices that have a strong emunah and devekut to God, but also works as "almost" a book of self-help, self-improvement that everyone can use it in a practical way in their daily lives, for fearing God and those looking for well-being, peace, answers about life can apply those lessons today. There is a section called "Invocation" with advices. Melinda Ribner developed imaginary interview format, so each Biblical woman becomes alive to the reader in our times, the questions are to the point, relating the biblical passages of experiential spiritual they lived

A large number of Rabbis established have made a very good opinion about this book, some names worthy of mention: Rabbi Shefa Gold, Rabbi Gabriel Cousens, Reb Rahmiel Havyim Drizin, Rabbi Avraham Greenbaum, Rabbi Aaron Raskin.

This book could be redemptive to all women and the men can gain an understanding to learn with Biblical women the important relationship of us with the Divine Feminine.

Reviewed by: Gilson Rodrigues de Arruda.

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