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The Messianic Temple [RESENHA DO LIVRO]

Title: The Messianic Temple –– Understanding Ezekiel’s Prophecy
Author: Chaim Clorfene
Published by:
Menorah Books Ltd
Manufactured: Jerusalem
Language: English
Hardcover edition 8-1/2 x 11 inches in dimensions or E-book for Kindle, Nook, Apple iPad, iPod and iPhone, and Adobe PDF
270 pages
Official Website:

The Author, Chaim Clorfene lives in Tzfat, Israel, where he spends much of his time writing and teaching about the Third Temple. He has authored many books [Path of the Righteous Gentile, Confessions of a Jewish Cultbuster] and wrote and directed the documentary video, Wake the Dawn, the Story of Jerusalem's Holy Temple.

The Messianic Temple presents a deep and well detailed description and physical design of future Temple based on Book of Ezekiel’s nine chapters which each and every verse are explained. More than 200 full color photos and top illustrations are showed. , Chaim Clorfene  added Classic commentaries and the Rabbi Moshe Chaim Luzzatto’s Mishkanay Elyon were quoted to illuminate us with the wisdom concerning Third Temple. As the author said “The first user-friendly edition of Ezekiel's vision of The Third Temple”.  Learning the design of the future Temple now in our days, it is as if we are actually building it, with the help of Hashem.

This book is wonderful, a decade of research, and with Chief Rabbis of the holy city of Tsfat’s endorsement –– we are very pleased to have such book in our collection to learn and is connected to Divine service.  The table of contents included “Understanding Ezekiel…”, “Introduction from Mishkanay Elyon…”, “Jacob called it a house…” and much more, there is Chapters 48 in total.

The book begins with the presentation of plan of Third Temple, and also other facts, details, pics and information …. ; In introduction we can to see a picture of tomb attributed to the Prophet Ezekiel, the Rambam’view about Third Temple, It brings prosperity and spiritual riches in holy words of Radak, the introduction of Mishkanay Elyon was translated and annotated by Chaim Clorfene sought its form, its structure, its rules and decress of Heavenly Temple. In chapter ‘Jacob called it a house, a Timeline of the Holy Temple’ are featured the Biblical events with their respective dates. And full explations of the verses.

This book is like a Tour guide, visiting holy places in Third Temple, containing insights of great Sages, Jewish Mystics.

Bring Third Temple consciousness into the world now by learning its design.

Reviewed by: Gilson Rodrigues de Arruda.

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