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TZADDIK MAGAZINE – new issue out now!

Streamlined Kabbalah from the holy city of Tsfat!

Title: Winter 2013 * 5773

Language: English

Numbers of page: 68, full color!
Published by
Tzaddik Publishing

Manufactured in Tsfat, Israel

Official Website:

Again, we received this very beautiful magazine covering topics in-depth of Judaism, Devekut, Shabbat, Wealth, Tikkun Olam. We thank the staff of Tzaddik magazine to keep informed the Brazilians about new edition!

The team of Contributors includes: Esther Bashe (writer and photographer), Sharon Marson (educator, poet, author), Rabbi Aron Moss (prolific writer of the topics including Kabbalah, interpersonal relationship), Chaim Safra (Graduated in Political Science), Rivka Sara Akiva (Graduate of Sharei Bina Seminary), R’ Aharon Rubin (Author of Eye to the Infinite, Hypnotherapist and teacher) and other great Sages.

As mentioned in their pages, “Enjoy this issue of Tzaddik magazine and the potential found inside to transform ourselves into higher beings.” –– This is truth; there are selected articles directed to all the ages as well as subjects related to male and female.

The first article is about the master of yichudim “BENAYAHU BEN YEHOYADA, the “Ben Ish Chai”, of blessed memory. A short biography but amazing!

Next is the Yahrtzeits of Tzaddikim, the anniversary of the death of a loved one or tzaddik, the list begun in Adar, Nisan and ends in Iyar.

A Letter Consonant with Love, a life lesson, this is a report personal experiences and fact scientific.

Piercing Heaven’s turbulence (Hitbodedut & Reaching for the top) –– The Rav Ephraim Kenig uses the teachings in Likutey Moharan of the master Kabbalist Rebbe Nachman, leading us to the most important points as to perform meditation (Hitdodedut) so easy and true. A set of prayers, devotion and knowledge to approach Hashem.

Eye to the Infinite –– A bombastic summary of lessons on the psychological side of our mind, and spiritual experiences, the effects of the relationship between God and man.

A page featuring methods of a meditation based from Sefer Botzinah De’Nehorah of Rabbi Baruch of Mezhibuz.

Gateway to Egypt –– by Rabbi Gedaliah Aharon Kenig, zt”l told us about the significance of the Egyptian exile, great revelations!

The work of Giving “Transforming cruelty into compassion” by Rav Elazar Mordechai Kenig, based on Likutey Moharan Tinyana 4.

The Obstructing Shadow by Rav Ephraim Kenig explains details as unlock our way to serve Hashem, you can gain a broader understanding to correct errors, negative characteristics in life.

Two pages dedicated to Rabbi Moshe Cordovero –– read a wonderful message from the Ramak, at the end of exile.

Some pages are presenting articles of Shabbos Kodesh, Shabbos Soup.

Just one thing is missing, the soul –– by Rabbi Moshe Weinberger. A call to the Torah, and our trust in Hashem, our Creator.

This is a magazine for the whole family; you will not only impressed, but also delight in the teachings of the great sages!

Reviewed by Gilson Arruda.

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