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In the shadow of the Ladder “Introductions to Kabbalah by Rabbi Yehudah Lev Ashlag” book review.

By the same author and the same publisher who published the book "A Tapestry for the Soul", Nehora Press now has the focus on 'Introductions to Kabbalah'.

Now in English for the first time, some of the texts translated from Hebrew on the teachings of Rabbi Ashlag are in this book. The mystical vision of the Rebbe is a guide demonstrating how to go through the trail to not get lost in the Kabbalah and these sometimes obscure teachings can be applied to everyday life.

In the shadow of the Ladder is detailed with basic Kabbalistic teachings, of course, the ‘basic’ can be advance times. Rabbi Ashlag explains the writings of the Zohar as well as great Sage, Rabbi Yitshak Luria in a way more easy to be understood for anyone. Some quotes from the teachings of Rabbi Chaim Vital is mentioned in the chapter “…study of the Ten Sephirot”.

The Chapter 5 Keywords, Definitions and Concepts" is very valuable to the beginner student to familiarize yourself with the basic concepts that possibly answer questions that he or she usually can have.

The translators and editors did ​​a compact work about the Kabbalah, a great book for sure, the source is reliable, directly from Master Teacher ––Rabbi Ashlag! Yedidah's work is endorsed by the Chief Rabbi of Britain, Rabbi Sir Jonathon Sacks, Rabbi Shmuel Eliahu, Chief Rabbi of Tsfat and Rabbi Avraham Mordecai Gottlieb head of the Beit haMidrash, Ohr Baruch Shalom, Kiryat Yearim, Israel.

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Review written by Gilson R’ Arruda.

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