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A Tapestry for the Soul book review

This is compiled byYedidah Cohen, the book brings to light a rich source of lessons for Kabbalah students of the holy book, The Zohar. Titled as A Tapestry for the Soul "The introduction to the Zohar" by Rabbi Yehudah Lev Ashlag, it is possible to clarify many of the questions when we read Kabbalistic literature such as The Zohar. The Rabbi Yehudah Ashlag unfolds before us a hidden dimension of the Kabbalah.

It describes in details the Kabbalistic essential concepts and allusions contained in the Zohar. Our teacher here is Rabbi Yehudah Lev Ashlag, of blessed memory –– The twentieth century Kabbalist has a great importance in the Jewish Mysticism, including masterpiece like Perush haSulam (Zohar’s commentary) and Panim Meirot u’Masbirot a commentary on the Etz Chayim of the Ari. Some of the lessons are: “Questions on the nature of God”, “The ultimate aim and purpose of creation”, “The true nature of the body and its purpose; the end of suffering; where am I acting from?”, “The relationship of the soul with the higher worlds; the mitzvoth”, “The holographic nature of reality and its relationship to Torah; the nature of the book of the Zohar and its authorship” and many more!!!

The highlight in A Tapestry for the Soul "The introduction to the Zohar" is the formula of direct teaching and less complicated for beginners, being a stimulator for students of Kabbalah, is a book focused on the general themes of the Kabbalah and Zohar, to prepare gradually the student to understand the concepts more hidden and mystical, divided in Eighteen lessons with clear explanations for this study in depth. While reading the book allows the reader to interact with the teachings, it makes it much easier to learn without barriers. The book have detailed the allusions of the words or phrases according to Rabbi Ashlag’s interpretation his teachings, in order to understand how God works in this material world, and how we can interact with the spiritual world, with this, the reader thinks and asks questions to learn according to their own spiritual level.

Both the beginner and the advanced student will be finding a broad and innovative way to learn Kabbalah of Master Kabbalist Rabbi Ashlag!

Published by Nehora Press, the book is written in English, 296 pages, size 10.8 x 8.4 x 0.7 inches. You can buy the book directly from the publisher, and in addition, their Website is developing into a resource center for those who are interested to learn more about works of Rabbi Ashlag.

Thanks Nehora Press for your excellent edition and support!


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