quinta-feira, 22 de março de 2012

Many Prayers

O G-d, Thou art good and merciful, and His ways are for the good,

My Jewish friend showed me His Torah, in the mud, in the darkness, there I was,
My Jewish friend, told me words of wisdom, from the great Sages, of blessed memory,

My Jewish friend, had compassion of me, without nothing ask me in exchange, as King David said “ Intent to the sound of my outcry, my King and my G-d, therefore You I only pray”,

Lead me Lord, for I am weak, but in His Torah, I live day and night,

My Jewish friend, strong and sensitive, faithful and courageous, tireless in the service of G-d, brings the sustenance for this world, of our beloved Father of Heaven,

My Jewish friend turns bad to good, sadness to happiness, hatred into love, for the faith in G-d, blessed be He,
My Jewish friend, the Tzaddik, our master who guides us to come closer to our Creator, the Light of G-d illuminating the more distant and deep darkness, with His Truth, HaShem.

Dedicated to the victims in Toulouse, France - May G-d comfort them in Heaven.

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