segunda-feira, 18 de abril de 2011

Tzedakah - Thank you for your donation!

Dear readers,

I need your support to help on the works of Jornal Mitsvá, Azamra BR and Uma Ruptura Santa.

These Blogs are online and producing a lot articles of Torah/Kabbalah translated to Portuguese language and promoted through Facebook, Orkut to residents in the Brazil and Portugal.

I have plans to translations of some Books to be edited as FREE Ebook, no costs! The first book is The Essential Rabbi Nachman. I need time and money to complete this service, this requires hours of dedication, you know.

Donate $1.00 or more. Any amount is welcome to support our service.

My Paypal account is:


Mark the option "service" on the transfer, Thank you! G-d bless you!
Gilson Arruda

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