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Truth and Faith

4. Faith depends upon truth. If you will only search for the truth with complete honesty you will eventually realize that you must have faith in God, in the true Tzaddikim and in the holy Torah. You need faith that is strong and total. Understand this well (Ibid). 

5. The only way to find truth is to draw closer to the Tzaddikim and follow their guidance.

10. Make sure that you never let your faith become weakened. 

13. All the noble qualities of the soul depend upon faith. Faith is the foundation and source of all holiness. 

16. Charity is only perfect when it is combined with faith.

17. All things depend upon faith for their perfection. Without faith, nothing is complete.

18. When a person is asleep he enters the category of “faith”. And this refreshes his intellect, which is the manifestation of his soul. The refreshment a person gains from sleeping can help him to attain new levels of religious awareness and perception of God. He can actually receive a new soul from the light of God’s countenance (35:3-5)

32. Faith contains the power of growth. When a person has genuine faith nothing can stand in his way.  No matter what happens he will grow in the service of God.

36. At all times one should give thanks to God for everything one experiences, and especially when one is released from danger.

Book: Likutey Etzot (Advice) - Teachings of Rabbi Nachman.
Published by Breslov Research Institure.

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