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The Gates of Repentance – SHAAREI TESHUVAH

First Gate


XIII. The levels and degrees of repentance correspond to the magnitude of bitterness and the intensity of sorrow, the repentance stemming from purification of the soul and refinement of the intelligence. The increase and intensification of one’s sorrowful thoughts over his many transgressions are in accordance with his intelligence and degree of enlightenment.

XXII. Our Sages of blessed memory have said, “If one feels ashamed because of something he has done, all of his transgressions are forgiven” (Berachoth 12b). One attains to the level of shame by secluding himself to think upon the greatness of God and upon the greatness of the evil of one who disobeys Him, and in constantly remembering that God witnesses his deeds, searches, and observes his thoughts.

Book: The Gates of Repentance – Rabbeinu Yonah of Gerona
Published by: Feldheim Publishers

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