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A Maggid (Preacher) of Righteousness

Maggid Mesharim

Thus during Prayers you must clear your mind of everything except what your mouth is saying, and concentrate on that. Page 19

…But the secret of the matter is that “in our image, like our form” means specifically to occupy oneself with the Torah and commandments. Page 27

“Do not inquire into that which is too wondrous for you” (Babylonian Talmud:  Chagiga 13a)
Page 30

Food should be eaten for the sake of Heaven. [When a person transgresses a Torah commandment, Heaven forbid, not only does he prevent illumination and vitality from reaching the sefirot, but he also gives vitality and existence to the Sitra Achra.] Page 39

The 400 years of subjugation in Egypt. [The purpose of the subjugation in Egypt was to prevent the Sitra Achra from sucking impurity]. For the more the body suffers, the more the power of that impurity rots and weakens. Page 41

As the Sages said, you should not learn merely to do, but rather learn in order to understand and teach. This is what Abraham did. Page 45

Book: A Maggid (Preacher) of Righteousness
Kabbalist: Rabbi Yosef Karo
Edited by Rabbi Yechiel Bar Lev

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