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Nothing but Learning – CHASSIDUS AND CHASSIDIM

Nothing but Learning

Reb Chaim

Each new discovery elevates man to a higher level and uplifts all of creation along with him.
Page 62

Reb Chaim constantly stressed the value of learning a few hours at night. Such learning can bring atonement for even the very gravest sins.
Page 65

One who attaches himself to Torah is linked to the Source of all wisdom. Reb Chaim advised his students to avoid ever rendering advice or making an important decision without first delving deeply into some subject in Torah, even one seemingly unrelated to the topic at hand.
Page 68

The depth of Torah truth, was Reb Chaim’s constant goal. His response frequently ended with the words: “In addition to directing our hearts to find the true judgment according to the Torah, may He Whose seal is truth open our eyes to find the true path in Torah.” The depths of Torah of Torah are revealed only after much toil and what is revealed is called a chiddush.
Page 74-75

Book: Reb Chaim of Volozhin – The Life and Ideals of the Visionary “Father of Yeshivos”
Published: Mesorah Publications, Ltd.
Artscroll History Series

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