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Tzaddik Magazine, Tsfat, Israel – OUT NOW!!!

We are happy to announce the publication of the "Fall 2012" issue of Tzaddik Magazine.

Directly from the holy city of Tsfat, famous for great Kabbalists as the Arizal, of blessed memory and many other notables Tzaddikim who lived there. The Tzaddik Magazine is an important tool, taking the reader to the secret teachings of Kabbalah, revealing the ways that Sages had in their studies, devekut to HaShem, G-d willing, we can follow these ways in the modern times and lead a life of many Mitzvoth, good for eyes of our Creator.

The main focus of the Tzaddik Magazine is the teachings of Kabbalah developed in Tsfat, and also the teachings of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov. Tzaddik Magazine is written in English, professionally printed, contains 68 pages illustrated with beautiful photographs of sacred sites, stunning landscapes, and capturing moments of absolute devekut of Rabbis in his Divine service.

The team of contributors includes: Esther Bashe (writer and photographer), Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan, z”l (master Kabbalist, prolific writer) rest in peace, Max Carl Kirk (mediator and consultant), Sharon Marson (educator, poet, author), Zevic Mishor (Academic background in neuroscience, anthropology), Rabbi Aron Moss (prolific writer of the topics including Kabbalah, interpersonal relationship), Chaim Safra (Graduated in Political Science) and other Rabbis.

In this issue, Tzaddik Magazine has selected and detailed the following articles: "Rebbe Meir Baal Haneis", the student of Rabbi Akiva, a short story, but well informative about charity. "Internal Isolation", meditation/Hitbodedut performed as in Biblical times, reprinted with permission, originally printed in Meditation and the Bible by Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan. "The fallen Sukkah of David", a shiur given by Rabbi Gedaliah Aharon Kenig, zt"l in Tsfat explaining how to develop our perception beyond the conscious mind. "Teshuva Dynamics", as to do the exact spiritual repentance, a lesson from Likutey Moharan 6:3 with deep Rav Ephraim Kenig shlita’s ideas. "Tragedy to Triumph", a dialogue between Prof. Elie Wiesel and Rabbi Ephraim Kenig talking about Faith, Holocaust, Rabbi Nachman, Judaism.
This and much more on Tzaddik Magazine will provide to the serious students of Torah Kabbalah a study rich, objective, enlightening based on the teachings of great Tzaddikim, unmissable!!

To subscribe Tzaddik Magazine:

Tzaddik Publishing
PO Box 393
Tsfat 13100 Israel
E-mail: subscriptions@tzaddikmag.com

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