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Non-Jew. Where are you going?

Life is full of surprises, good and bad, although it is difficult to see the grand scheme of G-d, one thing we can have confidence, the Creator wishes us well!

In the search for G-d, and improvement of our character, the non-Jew usually starts buying many books of Kabbalah – is this enough to get spiritual growth and improve our character? Of course, any positive effect comes from studies through books, however, this is very important to have a teacher, Rabbi to guide us in such studies.

This subject is delicate and a mystery, and still very recent in the lives of the Bnei Noah, because we have never heard about the 7 Laws of Noah, the Kabbalah and the Bible itself (in the manner as Rabbis teach us), we have not deep idea of the tradition and the Jewish laws (Halachah). Is it correct can we demand answers to all our questions in a short time, are we really prepared to hear "all" the answers so advanced that the Rabbis should give us on our spiritual level in a single message, since that we begin now - we want the world on our feet? In our secular world we need to follow the teachings step by step before going to high levels, or in case, when one got a position of responsibility in a company before that, we must learn slowly over the years, this or that, if we skip a step, there is a vacuum, instead of having advanced, our education is defragmented and the ultimate goal becomes harder to achieve it.

Not always a Rabbi promptly forward a response to the Ben Noah, or sometimes, the Ben Noah will need to contact other Rabbi(s) to get answers to your questions, don’t worry, the main point is to be humble, patient, honest in your words and submit questions that really matter. Also, when one have received the advice of Rabbi, one may think the way forward required is much difficult and he or she need realize extra effort, courage, and discipline ... Have faith in the Sages, follow their advices, pray to G-d to help you!

Spiritual maturity is defined as someone struggling to acquire it. Many Bnei Noah suffers to take the first steps in search of spiritual development at the beginning or even after some years of studies, it happens, never give up and never lose faith – In this moment, although you have only one sacred book in your home, feel happy where you are - with Hashem! Say, with this sacred book, Master of the Universe will show me next way to go to Him. For those who do not have a Rabbi right now, continue looking for him, it is most essential to have a Rabbi as a teacher, for serious students, I recommend reading the article titled Can one study Kabbalah from books, or must one have a teacher? How do I find the right teacher? How can I know who is reliable? written by Rabbi Avraham Greenbaum of Azamra Institute for more details on this subject!

The study of Torah Kabbalah as well as the 7 Laws of Noah is very recent issues in our lives (at least for most of the Gentiles, I think so) - We must be dedicated students and have a heart open to hear what Rabbis teach us!!! Follow websites where Rabbis authorized teach Torah with their comments weekly, it can help much more than only the study through books. Everything that G-d and the Rabbis sent us is for our good ... doubt; lack of faith, lack of enthusiasm,without hope in you or Sages, God forbid, is a clear attack of the Yetzer Hara (evil inclination) to put us away from the spiritual path. Even in pain, solitude, we must have faith in G-d, faith in Tzaddikim (Rebbe).

And know: in life a person has to pass over a very narrow bridge. The main thing is not to be afraid.
Rabi Nachman - Likutei Moharan II, 48

By: Gilson

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