segunda-feira, 11 de abril de 2011



Perhaps…perhaps…the generations to come will also be worthy of knowing all the great wonders which the Lord of All has done with us, He who leads each generation in His love, the thoughts of Whose heart are from generation to generation and Who constantly works new wonders in order that His name may be praised throughout the earth, so that in all generations men should be stirred to return to Him. For God has already cleared us a straight path as a result of the labors of the Rebbe, of blessed memory. Now anyone who wants to can easily draw close to God by following the paths explained in the Rebbe’s holy books. Happy is he who keeps to them. Turn them and turn them, over and over, again and again. Contemplate them and wax gray and old over them, and stir not from them. Because you can have no better rule than this.

Author’s introduction, Chayey Moharan (Tzaddik) book of Rabbi Nachman.
Published by Breslov Research Institure.

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