domingo, 13 de novembro de 2011

A letter to my friend

For every holy deed one attempts, there are always many obstacles. But the obstacles faced by someone wishing to accomplish a holy deed based upon the teachings of Rebbe Nachman are far more difficult to overcome (Yemey Moharnat I, #73).

When we receive a letter from a friend, it always brings us great happiness, and when we sent a letter to someone, have the same effect! We can find many obstacles (lack of time, the right words to put on paper, etc ...) - we should strive to overcome this laziness or inattentiveness.

We have the custom to greet someone by saying "Good morning", "Good night" to show that we are educated – but are it all we can do every day? We can spend one minute with words most significant other people or is it a very difficult effort?

Nowadays, this is quite common find websites or blogs with tons of content from the Torah by Rabbis authorized. For example, there is A Holy Break website, of our gracious Rabbi Dovid Yitzhok - This site as well as many other websites carry beautiful and deep articles (a Holy letter of the Heaven) every day - so if one is uninspired to express into words what he wants, the solution is use an article published on the website above attached one short phrase such as "Hi, this article is for you my friend ..." with just one click "share", it takes less than 1 minute on Facebook.

Study the articles of the Sages and sacred books and to use them in our daily life is very good - and much better is share the teachings with our friends, all the teachings of the Rabbis draw one closer to G-d. When a Holy letter of the Heaven (that which came from Heaven to the Rabbis) has touched your heart, let that same quote touch the hearts of his friends - May Hashem help us in this Divine service.

By: Gilson

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