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Through Fire and Water – BRESLOVER CHASSIDIM


A little is also good

One of the most important lessons Rebbe Nachman taught Reb Noson was that “a little is also good” – one should grab it and be content with it. When one knows one will be faced with interruptions, one should break one’s study program into shorter, more manageable sessions. This advice helped Reb Noson become an even better student than he already was. Even when he encountered disturbances, he knew that every single bit goes a long way.  “A little is also good.” He would study that little bit…and then more…and more… “And so I climbed out of my despair and became diligent and productive in learning.”

Book: The Life of Reb Noson of Breslov – Through Fire and Water
Published by Breslov Research Institute

Find this book at:
Seforim Center (USA)

Nehora (USA)

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